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Cisco 300-208 Online Exam Practice Questions

Refer to the exhibit. If the given configuration is applied to the object-group vpnservers, during which time period are
external users able to connect?

pass4itsure 300-208 exam question q1

A. From Friday at 6:00 p.m. until Monday at 8:00 a.m.
B. From Monday at 8:00 a.m. until Friday at 6:00 p.m.
C. From Friday at 6:01 p.m. until Monday at 8:01 a.m.
D. From Monday at 8:01 a.m. until Friday at 5:59 p.m.
Correct Answer: D


A network administrator is seeing a posture status “unknown\\’ for a single corporate mac address but unknown
machines are reported as `complaint\\’. Which option is the reason for machine being reported `unknown\\’.
A. Posture service disabled on cisco ISE
B. Posture policy does not support the OS
C. Posture agent not installed on the machine
D. Posture compliance condition is missing on the machine
Correct Answer: C
When a client first attempts to join the network, it might not have a NAC agent available to perform a posture
assessment. Without a NAC agent, ISE will have no mechanism to determine what software is running on the endpoint.
Accordingly, the endpoint will not know how to communicate its posture assessment to ISE. For this reason, an endpoint
without a posture agent will be assigned an Unknown posture status.


Which technology performs CoA support Posture Service?
A. External root CA
B. Cisco ACS
C. Cisco ISE
D. Internal root CA
Correct Answer: C


Which OS has Anyconnect posture support?
A. Windows
B. Mac OS
C. Linux
Correct Answer: AB


What are two access methods valid for authentication and authorization?
A. MAC authentication bypass
B. Web authentication
C. dot1x
D. execute
Correct Answer: AB


Which two Cisco ISE administration options are available in the Default Posture Status setting? (Choose two.)
A. Unknown
B. Compliant
C. FailOpen
D. FailClose
E. Noncompliant
Correct Answer: BE


Hotspot Question
In this simulation, you are task to examine the various authentication events using the ISE GUI. For example, you
should see events like Authentication succeeded. Authentication failed and etc…pass4itsure 300-208 exam question q7

Which four statements are correct regarding the event that occurred at 2014-05-07 00:19:07.004? (Choose four.)
A. The IT_Corp authorization profile were applied.
B. The it1 user was matched to the IT_Corp authorization policy.
C. The it1 user supplicant used the PEAP (EAP-MSCHAPv2) authentication method.
D. The it1 user was authenticated using MAB.
E. The it1 user was successfully authenticated against AD1 identity store.
F. The it1 user machine has been profiled as a Microsoft-Workstation.
G. The it1 user machine has passed all the posture assessement tests.
Correct Answer: ACEF
Here are the details shown for this event:

pass4itsure 300-208 exam question q7-1


What is the result of configuring the command dotlx system-auth-control on a Cisco Catalyst switch?
A. enables the switch to operate as the 802.1X supplicant
B. globally enables 802.1X on the switch
C. globally enables 802.1X and defines ports as 802.1X-capable
D. places the configuration sub-mode into dotix-auth mode, in which you can identify the authentication server
Correct Answer: B


The Secure-X company has recently successfully tested the 802.1X authentication deployment using the Cisco Catalyst
switch and the Cisco ISEv1.2 appliance. Currently, each employee desktop is connected to an 802.1X enabled switch
port and is able to use the Cisco AnyConnect NAM 802.1Xsupplicantto log in and connect to the network.
Currently, a new testing requirement is to add a network printer to the Fa0/19 switch port and have it connect to the
network. The network printer does not support 802.1X supplicant. The Fa0/19 switch port is now configured to use
802.1X authentication only.
To support this network printer, the Fa0/19 switch port configuration needs to be edited to enable the network printer to
authenticate using its MAC address. The network printer should also be on VLAN 9.
Another network security engineer responsible for managing the Cisco ISE has already per-configured all the
requirements on the Cisco ISE, including adding the network printer MAC address to the Cisco ISE endpoint database
and etc…
Your task in the simulation is to access the Cisco Catalyst Switch console then use the CLI
Enable only the Cisco Catalyst Switch Fa0/19 switch port to authenticate the network printer using its MAC address
Ensure that MAC address authentication processing is not delayed until 802.1Xfails
Ensure that even if MAC address authentication passes, the switch will still perform 802.1X authentication if requested
by a 802.1X supplicant
Use the required show command to verify the MAC address authentication on the Fa0/19 is successful
The switch enable password is Cisco For the purpose of the simulation, to test the network printer, assume the network
printer will be unplugged then plugged back into the Fa0/19 switch port after you have finished the required
configurations on the Fa0/19 switch port. Note: For this simulation, you will not need and do not have access to the ISE
GUI To access the switch CLI, click the Switch icon in the topology diagrampass4itsure 300-208 exam question q9

Correct Answer: Review the explanation for full configuration and solution.
Initial configuration for fa 0/19 that is already done:

pass4itsure 300-208 exam question q9-1

AAA configuration has already been done for us. We need to configure mac address bypass on this port to achieve the
goal stated in the question. To do this we simply need to add this command under the interface:
Then do a shut/no shut on the interface.

pass4itsure 300-208 exam question q9-2


Changes were made to the ISE server while troubleshooting, and now all wireless certificate authentications are failing.
Logs indicate an EAP failure. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. EAP-TLS is not checked in the Allowed Protocols list
B. Certificate authentication profile is not configured in the Identity Store
C. MS-CHAPv2-is not checked in the Allowed Protocols list
D. Default rule denies all traffic
E. Client root certificate is not included in the Certificate Store
Correct Answer: A


Which two troubleshooting tools are available within the diagnostics tools menu in cisco ISE? (Choose two.)
A. TCP Dump
B. Expert Troubleshooter
C. Execute Network Device
D. AAA Authentication Trouble
E. Policy Validator
Correct Answer: AD

Which Cisco IOS IPS risk rating component uses a low value of 75, a medium value of 100, a high value of 150, and a
mission-critical value of 200?
A. Signature Fidelity Rating
B. Attack Severity Rating
C. Target Value Rating
D. Attack Relevancy Rating
E. Promiscuous Delta
F. Watch List Rating
Correct Answer: C


You must recover a wireless client from quarantine. You disconnect the client from the network. Which action do you
take next?
A. Reboot the client machine after the idle timeout period expires.
B. Start a manual reassessment
C. Reconnect to the network after the idle timeout period expires.
D. Turn off the MIC of the client
Correct Answer: C

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