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Salesforce Consultant ADX-271 exam dumps pdf download

Vendor: Salesforce
Certifications: Salesforce Consultant
Exam Code: ADX-271
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant

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Salesforce ADX-271 exam video

Salesforce Consultant ADX-271 exam practice questions

Universal Containers needs to use capabilities in Salesforce Communities to enable Social Sign-on for their customers.
What should the Salesforce Admin do to enable users to use their Social Sign-on?
A. Create a custom login page with Social Sign -on capabilities, including authentication providers
B. Set up the authentication provider for Social sites and add the Social Sign -on component to the login page
C. Enable Social Sign -on in the Community management preferences menu
D. Configure Community Sign -on at the social web site to make sure the user is authenticated and provided access
Correct Answer: B

A Salesforce Admin at Universal Containers needs to set up moderation rules and criteria for their customer
Community. There are 18 separate keyword criteria for this community. How many rules are required to accommodate
all of the criteria?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 8
D. 18
Correct Answer: D

Your organisation wishes to create a Partner Community which has the potential very quickly grow in user count, how
many users should you plan to limit your community to avoid performance degradation?
A. 5,000,000
B. 10,000,000
C. 2,000,000
D. 1,000,000
E. 50,000,000
Correct Answer: D

A Salesforce Admin needs to build a self-service Community. Which three steps should the Salesforce Admin take
before building the Community in Salesforce? Choose 3 answers.
A. Configure a search for articles and discussions in the Community.
B. Gather branding assets, including images and logo for the Community.
C. Create email templates to be used in the community.
D. Add discussions on topics that can be published in the Community.
Correct Answer: BC

Universal Containers needs to enable public access to a Community. How should a Salesforce Admin fulfil this
requirement? Select one or more of the following:
A. Update the setting to Public Visibility for all Community pages
B. Enable “Give access to public API requests on Chatter”
C. Update the setting to “Allow access without login”
D. Enable the “Public can access the community” checkbox
Correct Answer: B

A global non-profit organisation (NPO) needs to build a Community for managing disaster relief efforts. The NPO wants
a basic Community with Home and Record detail pages. As requirements evolve for each region, the Community will be
customised to have regional branding and theme with new pages and components.
Which option should the Community Cloud Consultant consider first to meet these requirements? Select one or more of
the following:
A. Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template
B. Build Your Own template
C. Non-Profit Success Pack template
D. Help Center template
Correct Answer: B

Universal Containers needs to add a page to their Napili Community. Authors will manually add the content to the page.
What should be the first step to add this page to the site?
A. Create a standard page
B. Clone an object page
C. Create an object page
D. Clone a standard page
Correct Answer: A

Universal Containers have asked you to help them set up their Salesforce Community and one of their requirements is
to make Reports and Content available to members. What Community licence type(s) would you recommend? [Select
A. Partner Community
B. Salesforce Community Content
C. Customer Community
D. Salesforce
E. Customer Community Plus
Correct Answer: AE

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Salesforce Pardot Consultant CRT-160 exam dumps pdf download

Vendor: Salesforce
Certifications: Pardot Consultant
Exam Code: CRT-160
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant

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Salesforce CRT-160 exam video

Salesforce Pardot Consultant CRT-160 exam practice questions

Prospects have what kind of relationship with Pardot campaigns?
A. One to One
B. One to Many
C. Many to One
D. Many to Many
Correct Answer: A

What are 2 ways to define a user\\’s role?
A. From the list view
B. Through an automation rule
C. During the import process
D. Directly from the user record
Correct Answer: CD

When should an automation rule be used instead of a segmentation rule?
A. To perform the action to only apply once for prospects that match the rule.
B. To perform the action to be based on criteria.
C. To have the action retroactively apply to prospects that match the rule.
D. To perform the action to apply continuously for prospects that match the rule.
Correct Answer: D

LenoxSoft\\’s marketing team shares a list of company names of all external visitors on their website with the regional
sales managers. The regional managers use this list for cold calling and for insight on whether any recent opportunities
are active on their site.
Which sequence of steps should the Pardot Administrator take to automate this process?
A. Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for all prospects); Enable Page Actions to notify managers.
B. Enable Visitors Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Page Actions to notify managers.
C. Enable Visitor Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Send daily visitor activity emails.
D. Enable Send daily visitor activity emails; Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for my prospects).
Correct Answer: C

What is the limit on the number of Linkedln social posting connectors that can be added to one pardot account?
A. Depends on how many users are created in the Pardot account.
B. Depends on how many Facebook or Twitter connectors the Pardot account has.
C. Two, as there can be one for a personal page and one for a company page.
D. Each account can have as many Linkedln social posting connectors as desired.
Correct Answer: C

Which two Facebook accounts can be posted to using the Pardot Facebook connector? (Choose two answers.)
A. Video Pages
B. Linked Instagram Pages
C. Company Pages
D. Personal Pages
Correct Answer: CD

Which of the following can “unmatch” prospects?
A. Automation Rules
B. Dynamic Lists
C. Segmentation Rules
Correct Answer: B

What visitor views are available on the Visitor\\’s table?
A. Deleted Visitors
B. All Visitors
C. Identified Visitors
D. Active Visitors
Correct Answer: BCD

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