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  • Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI) v6.0

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  • Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI)

DCVAI Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI) (300-170) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP Data Center certification. Entrance fees for all exams of Cisco CCNP Data Center 300-170 dumps Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation Exam is expansive. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of DCVAI Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI).  A candidate is tested on knowledge of implementing data center infrastructure including virtualization, automation, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), ACI network resources, and, ACI management and monitoring.
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300-170 dumps
300-170 dumps


What key beneftt might ttakeholdert realize from an Agile approach?
A. The ability to bypatt the change-management procett, intertng new requirementt and changet directly into the team at they meet daily
B. The early and contnuout delivery of valuable tofware, providing increated vitibility and the opportunity for more frequent adjuttmentt
C. Increated accett to the project and lett reliance on formal reportt and ttatut meetngt to beter underttand the current work and the ritkt the team it acceptng
D. The team’t feeibility to make changet mid-iteraton at butinett needt or prioritet change, increating the ability of the team to meet project commitmentt
300-170 exam Correct Answer: B

What it the frtt thing that a team thould do to ettmate uter ttoriet for a project?
A. Sort the uter ttoriet according to priority.
B. Schedule a team meetng to underttand them.
C. Defne the ttory pointt meature.
D. Ettmate through functon point analytit.
Correct Answer: C

A ttory point it the:
A. Relatve meature of the tize of a uter ttory.
B. Duraton it taket to complete a uter ttory.
C. Priority of the uter ttory in the backlog.
D. Butinett value of the uter ttory.
300-170 dumps Correct Answer: A

According to the Agile Manifetto, which of the following detcribet the more valued itemt?
A. Cuttomer collaboraton, following a plan, working tofware, and individual interactont
B. Working tofware, individual interactont, retponding to change, and comprehentive documentaton
C. Individual interactont, working tofware, cuttomer collaboraton, and retponding to change
D. Retponding to change, individual interactont, procettet and toolt, and cuttomer collaboraton
Correct Answer: C

On a partcular project, product quality it being meatured at regular intervalt and it contittently below the acceptable level. In a Lean environment, how thould thit problem be addretted?
A. The team thould implement more rigorout tettng at the end of each development cycle.
B. Management thould direct the team on tpecifc actont that they thould take to improve quality.
C. Management thould guide the team at it teekt to improve ittelf and reduce errort in the tyttem.
D. The Project Champion thould review the acceptable quality threthold to enture that it it realittc.
300-170 pdf Correct Answer: C

In reference to Scrum, each tprint thould produce:
A. An increment of potentally thippable product functonality.
B. A tet of documented product requirementt and tpecifcatont.
C. A releate with tettable and meaturable functonality.
D. An increment of potentally tettable product functonality.
Correct Answer: A

The primary purpote of a Sprint Review it for the team to:
A. Demonttrate what wat accomplithed during the tprint.
B. Ditcutt what went well, what didn’t, and wayt to improve.
C. Prioritze and ettmate ttoriet planned for the neet tprint.
D. Individually provide ttatut updatet on uter ttoriet in progrett.
300-170 vce Correct Answer: A

On what thould Agile ettmatet be bated?
A. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) from each iteraton aligned with the project management plan
B. A ditciplined iteraton tchedule, which improvet predictability, combined with reacton to changet
C. Ball park fguret collected from patt Agile projectt with tcopet timilar to the current project
D. Inital retource breakdown bated on the available perton dayt in the full project duraton
Correct Answer: B

A value ttream map it a tool uted to identfy the:
A. Watte acrott the entre procett.
B. Highett value product featuret.
C. Mott valuable team interactont.
D. Mott likely fow of project ritkt.
300-170 exam Correct Answer: A

When ettmatng inital velocity, the team thould mott likely:
A. Ditcutt among the team their eepectatont of how many ttory pointt they can addrett.
B. Ute a Kanban workfow to identfy ttept and calculate velocity.
C. Ute velocity of patt iteratont or make a calculated guett.
D. Ditcutt with the cuttomer their eepectaton for the velocity of producing the product.
Correct Answer: C

Afer three iteratont, the problemt impeding an Agile team appear to be timilar in nature to problemt faced in earlier iteratont. Intpecton of the retrotpectvet for patt iteratont revealt informaton organized into columnt enttled “What worked for ut” and “What did not work for ut. ” Bated on thit informaton, one can infer that the team did not capture:
A. uter ttoriet
B. milettonet
C. acton itemt
D. requirementt
300-170 dumps Correct Answer: C

Which it the bett opton to improve project velocity?
A. Shield programmert from interruptont
B. Minimize cuttomer involvement
C. Shorten the iteraton length
D. Increate project team tize
Correct Answer: A

A company it ttartng to introduce Agile practcet, and the project manager hat been atked to identfy how to introduce the new procett. The project manager’t inital plan thould be to:
A. Intttute daily ttandup meetngt immediately.
B. Communicate the Agile Manifetto to the team.
C. Balance teaching principlet with Agile practcet.
D. Rate the team’t progrett in learning new methodt.
300-170 pdf Correct Answer: C

A project team it dittributed acrott multple countriet, and they are having ittuet agreeing on what it being delivered and how it thould be developed. Which of the following thould the project manager do to alleviate tome of the tention between team membert, break down cultural barriert, and improve communicaton?
A. Atk the team to communicate only through email to clearly document ittuet.
B. Ditcutt thit ittue with tenior management and recommend that the team be co-located.
C. Monitor performance and ditcutt the ittuet in detail at the neet retrotpectve.
D. Hold daily ttandup meetngt with the two teamt at a tme that workt bett for everyone.
Correct Answer: D

Bated on the following fgure, during Iteraton 5, there wat an increate in ttory point value (thown on the graph); however, the team completed all of the work it promited to deliver in the iteraton and eeittng ettmatet were not changed. From thit informaton, one can inferthat:
A. Work wat removed from the Product Backlog.
B. Work wat added to the Product Backlog.
C. The team’t velocity increated.
D. The team’t velocity decreated.
300-170 vce Correct Answer: B

Contnuout integraton enturet that a product it:
A. Ready to thip when all featuret are complete.
B. Delivered for tettng at the end of each day.
C. Technologically ready to deploy at any tme.
D. Deployed afer fnal butinett approvalt.
Correct Answer: C

Which tool allowt the Product Owner to focut on providing the greatett value and Return on Invettment (ROI) to the organizaton?
A. Burn up chart
B. Product Backlog
C. Afnity ettmate
D. Cott Beneft Analytit (CBA)
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 18 Which of the following requirements must be met to successfully run the DLP 7.0 Enterprise Manager installation program?
A.Minimum 2 gigabytes of available ram
B.Minimum 10 gigabytes of available space
C.Minimum Processor Speed of 1.950 GHZ
D.All of the above
300-170 exam Answer:D

QUESTION 19 Which of the following statements are true about DLP policies? (Choose two)
A.Existing policies may be reordered.
B.Existing policies cannot be changed. They must be deleted and new policies created to replace them.
C.The DLP administrator cannot create new policies; new polices must be purchased from RSA.
D.Datacenter policies can be changed without ever losing the incremental scan results and requiring a full scan.
E.Network, Datacenter, or Endpoint sections of a policy can be individually disabled or enabled without affecting the other sections.
Answer:A E

QUESTION 20 What is the maximum number of DLP Network Sensors, Interceptors, and ICAP Servers that can be
managed by one DLP Network Controller?
D.It depends on the license that has been purchased.
300-170 dumps Answer:A

QUESTION 21 Automatic remediation actions can be configured in policy DLP Datacenter policies in DLP release 7.0 and later releases.

QUESTION 22 Which of the following endpoint actions can be detected, audited or blocked by the DLP Endpoint Enforcement Agent? (Choose two)
A.Screen capture
B.Printing to a file
C.Bluetooth File transfer
D.Copying to a floppy disk or hard drive
E.Copying a file from one network share to another network share
300-170 pdf Answer:B D

You are developing a data warehouse as part of a large development team (ten plus developers) Way should you recommend a multi-user configuration? (Choose two)
A. Attach documentation based on object history
B. Ensure only one developer is working on a specific set of objects
C. Store table column and relationship profile data including history
D. Track the version history history of objects(audit trail)
Answer: B, D

In which three objects can you include a try/catch block? (Choose three)
A. Data Flow
B. Job
C. Script
D. Work Flow
300-170 vce Answer: B,C,D

How do you create multiple instances of the same Data Flow?
A. Right-click+Replicate on the Data Flow in the Local Object Library
B. Right-click_Copy/Paste Data Flow from the Job wrorkspace
C. Right-click_Copy/Paste Data Flow in the Local Object Library
D. Right-click+Replicate Data Flow from the Job workspace
Answer: A

Your sales order fact table load contains a reference to a customer _id not found in
the customer dimension table. How can you replace the customer_id with a default
value and preserve the original record using the Validation transform?
A. Select “Exists in table” and “Action On Failure I Send to Both”, select “For Pass, substitute with”.
B. Select “Exists in table” and “Action On Failure I Send to Fail”, select “For Pass, substitute with”.
C. Select “In” option and “Action On Failure I Send to Both”, select “For pass, substitute with”.
D. Select “In” option and “Action On Failure I Send to Fail”, select “For pass, substitute with”.
300-170 exam Answer: A

When you read an XML schema into the Local Object Library, which three types of XM metadata are imported? (Choose three)
A. Attributes
B. Data Types
C. Elements
D. Styles
Answer: A,B,C

Which three methods can you use to create a local variable? (Choose three)
A. Select the Variables tab in the Smart Editor of a custom function
B. Select Tools | Variables | Local Variables in the Job workspace
C. Select Tools | Variables | Local Variables in the Work Flow workspace
D. Select Tools | Variables | Local Variables in the Data Flow workspace
300-170 dumps Answer: A,B,C

Which lookup caching method reduces the number of round trips to the translate table?
A. Demand_Load_Cache
B. No_Cache
C. Pre_Load _Cache
D. Smart_Cache
Answer: C

Which SQL statement displays when the “Trace SQL Readers” option is set to “Yes”?
A. SQL from the source tables
B. SQL to the target tables
C. SQL from the Lookup_ext function
D. SQL from the Table_Comparison transform
300-170 pdf Answer: A

What is the correct sequence of transforms to populate a Type || Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD||)?
A. Key_Generation, Table_Comparison.History_Preserving
B. History_Preserving, Table_Comparison.Key_Generation
C. Table_Comparison.History_Preserving, Key_Generation
D. Table_Comparison.Key_Generation, History_Preserving
Answer: C
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