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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 dumps

Following Cisco 200-155 Dumps 85QAs are all new published by Pass4itsure:
11.You work as a Network Administrator for Net World International. The company has a Linux-based
network. You want to upgrade an RPM package and get the status during the upgrade. Which of
the following commands will you use to accomplish the task?
A. rpm -ivh
B. rpm -Uvh
C. rpm -evh
D. rpm -qvh
200-155 exam 
Answer: B
12.An administrator has configured User Settings for a specific application in a RES PowerFuse
environment to track registry and files. Global User Settings is enabled. At application level, the User
Setting is enabled, Preserve is checked, Apply is not checked. Sampling ratio is set at 1:1. Start tracking
changes is configured to track changes immediately. What would be the end behavior for this User
Settings configuration?
A. No changes are saved or restored in the user session.
B. Changes are fully saved and fully restored in the user session.
C. Changes are fully saved but not restored in the user session.
D. New changes are not saved but previous settings are restored in the user session.
Answer: C
13.A Scope limits a local administrator to his own OU. What is the BEST way to let the administrator
define separate E- Mail Template Outlook signatures for his part of the organization (based on OU)?
A. Create separate instances of Outlook for each OU, each referring to its own E-Mail Template.
B. Create separate instances of Outlook for each OU, each referring to the same E-Mail Template.
C. Create one global instance of Outlook referring to one E-Mail Template with access control set to all
D. Create one global instance of Outlook referring to separate E-Mail Templates with access control set to
the respective OUs.
200-155 dumps 
Answer: D
14.When a user has a question about the user environment, the BEST place for an administrator to find
the answer is in
A. Diagnostics > Usage Tracking.
B. Security > Sessions.
C. Composition > User Settings.
D. Diagnostics > Workspace Analysis.
Answer: D
15.Terminal Servers and Workstations use RES PowerFuse licenses based on
A. the number of RES PowerFuse Agents.
B. the type of database server.
C. number of user sessions.

D. the operation system.
200-155 pdf 
Answer: C
16.Which of the following conditions need to be true to deny access when a user logs on to a computer?
1. All assigned Workspace Containers contain access control.
2. The user’s computer is assigned to one or more Workspace Containers.
3. All assigned Workspace Containers are based on (partial) client name.
4. The user has not been granted access to any of the Workspace Containers.
A. 1 and 4
B. 2 and 3
C. 1, 2 and 4
D. 1, 2, 3, and 4
Answer: C
17.From which of the following sections can Remote Assistance be started by users belonging to a
specified helper group?
1. Agents Overview
2. User Sessions
3. Workspace Analysis
A. 1 only
B.2 only
C. 1 and 2
D. 1 and 3
200-155 vce 
Answer: B
18.After a full installation of RES PowerFuse on a workstation, an administrator has chosen not to run the
Workspace Composer automatically. How can the administrator configure to run the Workspace
Composer for all users on that workstation?
1. Use SetShell
2. Set the applicable registry key manually
3. Edit the RES PowerFuse Agent
A. 1 only B.
2 only C. 2
and 3
D. 1, 2, and 3
Answer: D
19.Which of the following tasks can be configured in an Alerting notification type? 1. External task 2.
Mobile text message 3. RES Wisdom task 4. E-mail message
A. 1 and 4
B. 1, 2, and 4
C. 1, 3, and 4
D. 1, 2, 3, and 4
200-155 exam 
Answer: C
20.When publishing applications in Citrix XenApp using RES PowerFuse, Citrix XenApp published
applications can be assigned to one or more Organizational Units. How can the published applications be
configured to keep track of all changes in membership of that OU?
A. Configure the Citrix XenApp integration settings to rebuild its user list for OU-based applications at set
B. Configure the application settings to rebuild its user list for the OUs concerned.
C. Schedule the Citrix XenApp integration settings to republish the application at set times.
D. Schedule the application to be republished at set times.
Answer: A
21.What are three steps that are part of the device interpretation process using UDS? (Check the three
best answers.)
A.Configure devices to send log data to RSA enVision
B.Device identification (i.e. vendor, device name, class, sub-class, etc.)
C.Identification of device collection method
D.Message definition
E.List of known vulnerabilities
F.Data parsing
200-155 dumps 
Answer:B D F
22.The administrator can use the RSA enVision’s user authentication feature to complete what tasks?
(Check two answers.)
A.Use an existing Microsoft Active Directory authentication server
B.Associate administrative users with an authentication server
C.Require enVision users to change passwords on a periodic basis
D.Enforce a pre-defined set of ‘prohibited passwords’ based on a dictionary file
E.Utilize existing domain authenticated user accounts as the basis for enVision user accounts
Answer:A E
23.What two tasks does UDS complete when the command “uds reate” is executed to create a device?
(Check the two best answers.)
A.Creates the files .ini, client.txt, vendor.txt and msg.xml
B.Immediately starts collecting data from the new device
C.Identifies all associated devices that have been configured
D.Create all directory structures required for the device
E.Lists all devices to verify that the device does not already exist
200-155 pdf 
Answer:A D
24.The UDS development process involves which of the following tasks? (Check two answers.)
A.Verifying XML syntax and parsing
B.Using XML to convert device logs to IPDB format
C.Mapping a device name to an existing enVision device

D.Creating an XML file to define header and message information
Answer:A D
25.What does RSA enVision do when it is set to auto-discover new devices? (Check the one best answer.)
A.Adds new supported devices automatically to the list of monitored devices in the Manage Monitored
Devices screen
B.Temporarily holds in the “New Device” cache and begins to collect data after it is approved by an
C.RSA enVision alerts members of the “administrators” group to add a new device to the list of monitored
D.RSA enVision automatically exports device attributes to an XML file for an administrator to review
200-155 vce 

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