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RedHat RHCSA EX200 Practice Questions for Exam Preparation

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The firewall must be open.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/etc/init.d/iptables start iptables -F iptables -X iptables -Z /etc/init.d/iptables save chkconfig iptables on

Configure iptables, there are two domains in the network, the address of local domain is other domain is, now refuse domain to access the server.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
iptables -F service iptables save iptables -A INPUT -s -j REJECT service iptables save service iptables restart

Locate all the files owned by ira and copy them to the / root/findresults directory.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# find / -user ira > /root/findresults (if /root/findfiles is a file) # mkdir -p /root/findresults # find / -user ira -exec cp -a {}
/root/findresults\; [ if /root/findfiles is a directory] ls /root/findresults

Add a new logical partition having size 100MB and create the data which will be the mount point for the new partition.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
Use fdisk /dev/hda-> To create new partition.
Type n ->For New partitions
It will ask for Logical or Primary Partitions. Press l for logical.
It will ask for the Starting Cylinder: Use the Default by pressing Enter Keys
Type the size: +100M you can specify either Last cylinder of size here.
Press P to verify the partitions lists and remember the partitions name.
Press w to write on partitions table.
Either Reboot or use partprobe command.
Use mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda?
mke2fs -j /dev/hda? ->To create ext3 filesystem.
vi /etc/fstab
/dev/hda? /data ext3 defaults 0 0
Verify by mounting on current sessions also:
mount /dev/hda? /data

Copy /etc/fstab to /var/tmp name admin, the user1 could read, write and modify it, while user2 without any permission.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cp /etc/fstab /var/tmp/ # chgrp admin /var/tmp/fstab # setfacl -m u:user1:rwx /var/tmp/fstab # setfacl -m u:user2:—
/var/tmp/fstab # ls -l -rw-rw-r–+ 1 root admin 685 Nov 10 15:29 /var/tmp/fstab

Find all lines in the file /usr/share/dict/words that contain the string seismic. Put a copy of all these lines in their original
order in the file /root/wordlist. /root/wordlist should contain no empty lines and all lines must be exact copies of the
original lines in /usr/share/dict/words.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
grep seismic /usr/share/dict/words> /root/wordlist

Configure autofs to automount the home directories of LDAP users as follows:
host.domain11.example.com NFS-exports /home to your system.
This filesystem contains a pre-configured home directory for the user ldapuser11 ldapuser11\\’s home directory is
host.domain11.example.com /rhome/ldapuser11 ldapuser11\\’s home directory should be automounted locally beneath
as /rhome/ldapuser11
Home directories must be writable by their users
ldapuser11\\’s password is \\’password\\’.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
vim /etc/auto.master /rhome /etc/auto.misc wq! # vim /etc/auto.misc ldapuser11 –rw,sync
host.domain11.example.com:/rhome/ldpauser11 :wq! #service autofs restart
service autofs reload
chkconfig autofs on
su -ldapuser11 Login ldapuser with home directory # exit

Your System is going use as a router for and Enable the IP Forwarding.
echo “1” >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
vi /etc/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/proc is the virtual filesystem, containing the information about the running kernel.
To change the parameter of running kernel you should modify on /proc. From Next reboot the system, kernel will take
the value from /etc/sysctl.conf.

SELinux must run in force mode.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/etc/sysconfig/selinux SELINUX=enforcing

Add users: user2, user3.
The Additional group of the two users: user2, user3 is the admin group Password: redhat
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# useradd -G admin user2 # useradd -G admin user3 # passwd user2 redhat # passwd user3 redhat

Configure autofs to make sure after login successfully, it has the home directory autofs, which is shared as
/rhome/ldapuser40 at the ip: and it also requires that, other ldap users can use the home directory
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# chkconfig autofs on # cd /etc/ # vim /etc/auto.master /rhome /etc/auto.ldap # cp auto.misc auto.ldap # vim auto.ladp
ldapuser40 -rw,soft,intr * -rw,soft,intr # service autofs stop #
server autofs start # showmount -e # su – ladpuser40

Create a collaborative directory/home/admins with the following characteristics:
Group ownership of /home/admins is adminuser
The directory should be readable, writable, and accessible to members of adminuser, but not to any other user.
(It is understood that root has access to all files and directories on the system.)
Files created in /home/admins automatically have group ownership set to the adminuser group.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
mkdir /home/admins chgrp -R adminuser /home/admins chmodg+w /home/admins chmodg+s /home/admins

Find the rows that contain abcde from file /etc/testfile, and write it to the file/tmp/testfile, and the sequence is requested
as the same as /etc/testfile.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cat /etc/testfile | while read line; do echo $line | grep abcde | tee -a /tmp/testfile done OR grep `abcde\\’ /etc/testfile >

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